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The following is a list of frequently asked questions.

Question: What do I do if my pet has come in contact with antifreeze?

Answer: Antifreeze is fatal if swallowed. If you think your pet has ingested ANY amount of antifreeze, get them to the nearest veterinarian IMMEDIATELY.


Question: Can I leave my pet in my car?

Answer: Leaving your pet in the car on a hot day can turn deadly in a matter of MINUTES….even with the windows cracked!


Question: When are pet overheating problems most problematic?

Answer: There are more pet overheating problems on MODERATELY hot days than on record-breaking days.


Question: Do pets have dental problems?

Answer: Pets can develop dental disease and other dental problems, just like you. Many of these problems can be avoided by taking your pet to the veterinarian for regular dental checkups and giving your pet dental care at home.


Question: How do cats become infected with FIV(feline immunodeficiency virus)?

Answer: Most cats become infected with FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) when they are bitten while fighting with an infected cat. The virus, present in the saliva of infected cats, passes beneath the skin of the victim when he is bitten. FIV is NOT spread by casual contact between cats.


Question: How do cats become infected with FeLV(feline leukemia virus infection)?

Answer: Feline leukemia virus infection (FeLV) is acquired through contact with saliva, urine or blood. Also, an infected mother cat can pass the virus to her kittens before they are born or through her milk while nursing.


Question: Can cats pass FIV or FeLV to humans or other animals?

Answer: Humans and dogs CANNOT catch FIV or FeLV or develop AIDS through exposure to FIV-positive or FeLV-positive cats. ONLY cats are susceptible to these diseases.

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